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Rose Quartz stud earrings
  • Rose Quartz stud earrings


    ☮ Polished rose quartz crystal chips secured to your choice of earring post metal!


    ☮ Nicknamed "the stone of love" and "inner peace" stone, rose quartz promotes universal love through emotional healing and self-love. Rose quartz inspires compassion, acceptance, and calmness. As for all crystals, I recommend researching a bit about them and noting what properties resonate with you :)


    ☮ Option A post metal is made of gold 316 stainless steel with 4mm pads. Option B is made of silver 316 stainless steel with 4mm pads.


    ☮ Each pair is truly unique & lovingly handmade by Grace! All earring studs are made with a sanding & resin painting process. They are super durable, tarnish-resistant, and no two pairs are identical!


      If you are unsatisfied with your crystals, please contact for a return & exchange or a return & refund. 


      All orders are shipped within 3-4 business days of ordering. 

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