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Primal Passion bracelet
  • Primal Passion bracelet


    ♡ Primal Passion ♡

    Lava stone forms when volcanoes erupt and fire connects with the earth. It has instinctual properties and helps ground and stabilize emotions. Rose quartz symbolizes love, which is full of passion. Lava stone and rose quartz represent the vital, higher-purpose need to follow passions and spread positivity!


    ♡ The Specifics ♡

    6mm polished rose quartz beads and natural lava stone beads hand-strung on stretchy elastic string. Jewelry superglue is used on the knot of the bracelet to increase durability. All beaded bracelets can stretch ~0.5 - 1 inch!

    Lava stone beads are unwaxed, naturally porous and perfect for essential oil treatments! 

    All beads are sourced through etsy small business - stonesdirect


    ♡ Metaphysical Properties ♡

    Rose quartz is nicknamed the Love Stone and Inner Peace Stone because it encourages universal love, self love, unconditional love, emotional healing, calmness, acceptance and compassion!

    Lava stone's metaphysical properties include grounding, stabilizing emotions, calming, and relieving anxiety.


      All orders are shipped within 3-4 business days of ordering. You will receive a confirmation via email with a tracking number once your order is shipped! :)


      If you are unsatisfied with your crystals, please contact for a return & exchange or a return & refund!

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