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Celestite Keychain
  • Celestite Keychain


    ☮ Beautiful pale blue celestite crystal wire-wrapped onto a keychain


    ☮ Choice of silver or gold keychain metal finish


    ☮ Made with tarnish resistant, copper core wire


    ☮ Celestite's metaphysical properties focus on inner peace, but this mineral works wonderfully for clear communication, awareness of thoughts, spiritual elevation, and so much more! As for all crystals, I recommend researching a bit about them and noting what properties resonate with you :)


    ☮ Tarnish-resistant copper core wire & raw celestite soft mineral 


    ☮ Always ethically sourced crystals & handmade by Grace


    ☮ Crystal length ranges from .5" to 1 inch. Requests will be honored while supplies last :)


      All orders are shipped within 3-4 business days of ordering. You will receive a confirmation via email with a tracking number once your order is shipped! :)


      If you are unsatisfied with your crystals, please contact for a return & exchange or a return & refund.

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